Modern microservices... they're fast and scalable and resilient (if you do them right)... but still slow to develop, using the same old IDEs, languages and processes!

We are preoccupied with accelerating microservices development further !

Mocking microservices

$mock say.hi (name ?= "Harry") => (greetings = "Hello, " + name)

Having an API is easy - here's one just above (one that you can edit and fiddle with). In fact, this is also the simplest microservice you could have ever created (read more)

Micro "lambda" services are useful for prototyping, mocking or testing.

Testing microservices

$send say.hi (name = "Jane")
$expect (greetinxgs contains "Jane")

How do we specify our expectations about the value? How do we communicate it, record it, share it, cooperate on it?

Use cases and user stories can turn into automated tests! (one that you can run and trace right now) (read more)

In the modern age, enterprises are transformed by microservices, APIs and reactive principles.

If you want to take a refreshing look at microservices requirements, acceptance and truly continuous testing, while fiddling with the architecture itself, start by creating a free account.

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