Reactive Stories

APIs are often much less interesting than the stories they tell... or the stories you can create with them, i.e. systems, apps etc. The behaviour of these systems as a hole... that's where the value of the system is.

$mock say.hi (name ?= "Harry") => (greetings = "Hello, " + name)

Having an API is easy - here's one just above (one that you can edit and fiddle with). How do we specify our expectations about this value? How do we communicate it, record it, share it, cooperate on it?

In the modern age, enterprises are transformed by microservices, APIs and reactive principles.

If you want to take a refreshing look at microservices requirements, acceptance and truly continuous testing, while fiddling with the architecture itself, become part of our limited preview .

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By: Razie | 2016-06-16 .. 2017-05-02 |    

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