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Short story

Here's the quickest way I know to save the URL of a page you like, on a PC, iPad, tablet, phone, whatever... with comments/reminders etc:

COPY - nofo - PASTE - TAB - ENTER (in 'pro' mode)

or, in 'Joe' mode, to tag it with some context and remember it easily:

COPY - nofo - PASTE - TAB - tags - ENTER

The idea is to simply use the same browser tab that you were looking at, read the long stroy below. The best part is that it does not require any setup, there is nothing to install, customize, configure or worry about.

Long story

Make sure you have an account created at and that you have visited this site already - otherwise you will have to type no folders note the first time, for google to find this website in your browser. Your browser's history will do the rest :)

Go to the address bar of the browser - I prefer to type ALT+D, which works in most browsers but, if on a tablet or phone, just touch/click the address bar.

This will usually select the current address already, so just copy it: either CTRL+INS or CTRL+C or "right-click" and select "Copy".

Then simply type "note" - if you have been here before, the browser will already pre-select from history - then just paste the url with SHIFT+INS or CTRL+V and enter either a few keywords to remind you what it is or prefereably, some tags - here are some tags you could use:

  • todo
  • toread
  • coolstuff
  • kitchen upgrades
  • tell the boss
  • dont tell the boss

Then just hit ENTER to save it.

How to find it

This URL note is now associated with some stuff you were working on via tags or just easily available in your timeline, so you can annotate it further or find a place for it.

Yeah, there's other ways... but...

I know there are "bookmarks" and other apps to save URLs, but they either do not associate any keywords to it or require mouse clicks and dialogs etc. The worst part is when I have to think of a "folder" to put this URL in... what is it? Shopping or bike? Why not both?

This note locker is thus the quickest way i know to save a URL on a PC, Desktop or tablet - in a way that makes finding it later so easy (tagged).


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