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Users can have one or more blogs, which are simply a collection of posts. To follow a blog, find it in the list of blogs below, select it and then "like" or "follow".

If you are active in many sports and are interested in many topics and you are an active blogger, the best way is probably to have a few blogs, each with a narrow topic. For instance, I have a enduro blog++, a ski blog++, a coaching blog++ and a software blog++ - each for blogging on the specific topics... probably too many.

Alternatively, have a single blog and use plenty of page tags carefully.

Meta info:

  • {{Can link from User(s) as Owner,Fan,Contributor}}

  • {{Has Post(s)}} a blog has posts

  • {{Property visibility=Public,Club,Private}}

  • {{Property label.Like=Follow}}

  • {{Property label.Unlike=Unfollow}}


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