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This is a special demo project: you can look at and play with all the stories and specs but you cannot save changes to them.

A system is specified via a set of stories and specs, which are grouped in projects. Each project lives in its own shiny new website, where you can invite others and collaborate. As you will see, specifications and stories are simply wiki topics, with special annotations for messages, conditions, mocks and such, read more about it in Markup and DSL.

Stories, like lights-story, represent the requirements and test cases while the specs, like lights-spec, deal with the actual behaviour or implementation of the system - that's where the rules are defined.

The first thing to do to explore this project - here are some examples:

  • factorial - a simple factorial implementation
  • hanoi - a simple example with the towers of Hanoi
  • lights - a simple test and spec, see how to send messages, write simple rules and mocks
  • REST Mock - how to mock a REST service and test the mock
  • Snakking - sample of snakking
  • REST services - more complex examples of REST services
  • FSM - simple FSM

Note that, since you don't own this project/website, you can play with them, but you won't be able to save your changes or create more stories from your fiddles.

When you have a bigger story to tell, create your own reactor and start telling it: Start New Project.


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