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Cluster specifics and tests

Routing annotations <route.xx> are:

  • local
  • singleton
  • lb
  • other

msg route.other testdiesel.cluster.spawn.other 

msg route.local testdiesel.cluster.spawn.local 


msg route.singleton testdiesel.cluster.spawn.singleton 

trace:: diesel.before
   diesel.engine.set (collectCount:Number=100=100, collectGroup="all"="all")

$when:: testdiesel.cluster.spawn.*
   . (payload="42")

Stream cluster tests

The route.other below will spawn the sub-flow on a different node.

$when:: testdiesel.please.streamremoteputdone (streamRef)
   testdiesel.streamremoteputdone (streamRef)

msg route.other testdiesel.streamremoteputdone  (streamRef)

$when:: testdiesel.streamremoteputdone (streamRef)
   ctx.echo (msg="putting "="putting ") (streamRef, data=diesel[="s...) (streamRef)

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