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A simple Finite State Machine example - implementation

$when:: fsm1.init (id)
   . (dieselScope[="status"]="init")

$when:: fsm1.move
   . (dieselScope[="status"]=((status + "-") + to))

$when:: fsm1.reset
   . (dieselScope[="status"]="")

This works because the context is maintained for the duration of the story. This FSM would not maintain the state across stories, for instance... see below.

TODO i can't persist this because now it won't reset

//$when fsm1.*(id) => ctx.persisted(kind="fsm1", id=id)

TODO implement a better FSM with persistence across stories

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By: Razie | 2016-06-26 .. 2021-02-02 | Tags: spec , dsl , private

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