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Testing rest snakking

0 $mock:: ifttt.event1 (p1, p2)
   . (res="Congrat", ev="event1")
msg POST ifttt.event1  (p1, p2)

{{template ifttt.event1:regex=/(?<res>[^!]*).*fired the (?<ev>[^!]*) event/}} (view)

0 $mock:: ifttt.receiveEmail (from)
   . (result="ok")

$when:: ifttt.receiveEmail (from)

0 $mock:: ifttt.sendEmail (from)
   . (result="ok")
msg POST ifttt.sendEmail  (from, p2)

{{template ifttt.sendEmail:regex=/(?<res>[^!]*).*fired the (?<ev>[^!]*) event/}} (view)

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By: Razie | 2017-03-27 | Tags: spec , dsl

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