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account logic

$when:: account.create (name, address)
0 $mock:: subDb.create (name, address)
   . (subId="sub123")
$when:: account.create

Product: fibe package

$when:: fibe100.activate
   modem.activate (actId)
$when:: fibe100.activate
   billing.notifyAddProduct (actId, rateCode="fibe100"="fibe100")
$when:: fibe100.activate
   email.create (email=(name + "@..., size="10m"="10m")

Service: inventory

$when:: modem.activate
   inventory.find (what="modem"="modem")
$when:: inventory.find
   inventory.found (itemId="item1234"="item1234", what="modem"="modem")
$when:: inventory.found (itemId, what == "modem")
   ops.sendTruck (modemId=itemId, address)

$when:: ops.sendTruck
$when:: modem.activated
   modem.configure (modemId, qos="100m"="100m")

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