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Parallelism tests

Fire and forget:

val DUR:Number=500=500

send::  msg  (var:Number=1)

Wait for response

Fire and wait:

send::  msg  (var:Number=1)

parallel fire and wait (fork-join)

send::  msg ctx.set  (start)

val total:Number=0=0

Fire and wait:

send::  msg  (var:Number=1)

send::  msg ctx.set  (stop)

Overall duration should be around 3DUR, so less than 4DUR if the engine is not too busy...

send::  msg ctx.echo  (duration)

expect::  (duration < (3 * DUR))
// $expect (total is 4)

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By: Razie | 2020-10-03 .. 2020-10-04 | Tags: story , dsl

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