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An amazon use case: order a new product.

First, a seller can define the new product, via either a B2B API

send::  msg catalog.addProduct  (name="prod1", sku="prod1")

expect::  (productId is defined)

send::  msg cart.create  (customer="John", metadata :JSON)

add book1 view cart

add book1 view cart

send::  msg catalog.addProduct  (name="Book1", sku="book1", quantity:Number=3)

expect::  (productId is number)

A customer will now order it and checkout

send::  msg cust.addToCart  (customer="John", sku="book1", quantity:Number=2)

expect::  ( ((cart as String) contains "book1"))

send::  msg cust.addToCart  (customer="John", sku="book2", quantity:Number=2)

expect::  ( ((cart as String) contains "book2"))

send::  msg cart.checkout  (customer="John", shipAddr="123", billing="bil123")

/$expect inv.low (sku=="book1") /$expect shipping.send

send::  msg diesel.memdb.clear 

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