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Generic unit test for wiki messages functionality

Browse a tag

send::  msg snakk.text  (url =""...)

expect::  (payload contains "Knowticing")

How to read the contents of a topic in a few formats:

send::  msg  (wpath ="Sample:sample-json-data"..., type="JSON")

expect::  (payload is JSON)
expect::  (payload[="name"] is "Jake")

send::  msg  (wpath ="Sample:sample-json-data"...)

expect::  (payload is String)
send::  msg snakk.parse.json 

expect::  (payload is JSON)

You can format a topic:

send::  msg  (wpath="Admin:UserHome")

expect::  (payload is HTML)

TODO test also the (wpath, realm, event, userName)

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By: Razie | 2017-11-30 .. 2022-06-17 | Tags: story , dsl , sanity

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